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Focus on your craft

AccreditOne is an all-in-one solution to achieving and maintaining your surgery center accreditation—so you can focus on your craft and your career.

AccreditOne provides a comprehensive system to achieve and maintain your surgery center accreditation

Free up your time - for what really matters.

We’ve done the hard work of creating and standardizing all of the necessary documents for certification.

You get hundreds of pages of AAAASF mandated content which are all ready to use or can be further customized and personalized.

The AccreditOne system generates your AAAASF manual, along with logs, tables, and templates specifically tailored to your surgery center. We take the stress out of attaining or maintaining accreditation – freeing up your time and energy for what you do best: practice medicine.

At AccreditOne, we have simplified and streamlined the accreditation processes for medical professionals.

The AccreditOne system generates a customized AAAASF manual for you, along with logs and templates specifically tailored to your surgery center. We take the stress out of attaining or maintaining accreditation – freeing up your time and energy for what you do best: practice medicine.

What's Included? Your customizable AAAASF manual

  • Your primary AAAASF Compliance manual: Generate your custom compliance manual to perfectly match the needs of your practice with AAAASF standards. A consolidated resource with over two hundred pages of policies and procedures to meet the strict standards of AAAASF. This includes defining your governing body, administrative policies, personnel procedures, job descriptions, surgical, anesthesia and nursing services, supplies and equipment, operating procedures for the surgical suite and entire facility.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Improvement (QA/QI) Manual: Safety inspections, facility maintenance, chart reviews, peer reviews, anesthesia reviews, environmental reviews, patient satisfaction surveys, infection control and review, OR volume log case collection, maintenance of staff licensure and training.
  • Infection Prevention Manual: Easy access to the critical processes required to maintain the highest standards of sterility for patient safety.
  • Log Book: Your complete index and record of equipment maintenance, autoclave log sheets, autoclave Bowie-Dick and spore tests, refrigerator temperature logs, crash cart logs, HVAC maintenance, product recall forms, expired medication forms, AED check sheets, weekly generator tests/poser tests, eye wash station checklists, , safety walks and surveys, biomedical waste logs, in-service training logs, fire and sprinkler inspection reports.
  • SDS (MSDS) Safety Data Manual: Instant access to an immense index of frequently used products, medications, and supplies used in the office, surgery suite, medical spa and in general patient care.
  • Safety Manual: Access an in-depth safety manual customized for your practice to help you maintain all safety regulations and requirements with ease.

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AccreditOne was created by board certified surgeons who are intimately familiar with the complexities involved in achieving or maintaining AAAASF certification. We have streamlined every process with advanced medical software that allows you to focus on what matters: your craft. Start simplifying your practice now.


Kara K. Criswell, MD, FACS

Dr. Kara Criswell is a highly-respected board certified plastic surgeon practicing in Charlotte, NC. Together with her husband, Dr. Bryan Criswell, Dr. Kara Criswell owns and operates two state-of-the-art offices and medical spas, and the Criswell & Criswell Plastic Surgery AAAASF accredited surgery facility. Dr. Criswell is Chairman of Plastic Surgery for Novant Health Charlotte, and serves on the medial executive committee board for Novant Health Presbyterian Medical Center. She is a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons and has been practicing plastic surgery for over ten year. Her skills extend beyond the surgical arts and into crafting organizational strategies to streamline practice administration. Her personal experience with the multitude of challenges involved in applying for, and maintaining certification resulted in the development of AccreditOne as the ultimate accreditation toolbox to simplify the process.

Bryan K. Criswell, MD, FACS

Dr. Bryan Criswell is a board certified plastic surgeon and Fellow of the American College of Surgeons. He serves as medical director for all of the Criswell & Criswell facilities and has been in practice for over twelve years. While he relishes his busy and highly successful surgical practice run with his wife, Dr. Kara Criswell, Dr. Bryan Criswell has deep real-world insight into the challenges and successful strategies of applying for and maintaining AAAASF certification. He believes that physicians best spend their time practicing medicine – rather than wading through the complex and time consuming process of certification. He felt it was time for fellow surgeons to stop reinventing the wheel, so he created a system that simplifies and streamlines this tedious work. This lead to the development of the premier AAAASF certification software AccreditOne.

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