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Why is AccreditOne the most effective tool for managing AAAASF accreditation?

Developed by two experienced plastic surgeons, every detail has been developed to meet the real-world needs of medical professionals. Many digital medical tools fail to fully understand the challenges of AAAASF certification faced by physicians.

The certification process is tedious, time consuming, and must be revisited every two years – a dreaded administrative task. AccreditOne was developed as a support tool to simplify the process and allow physicians to practice their craft rather than spending hours of valuable time on the multitude of administrative processes involved in accreditation. Real world experience makes a difference – the AccreditOne program is easy to navigate, simple to use, and everything you need is at your fingertips.

What does AccreditOne offer practicing physicians?

The system was developed to produce a fully customized AAAASF manual to match the needs of your practice. You will be guided, step-by-step, through all necessary processes in certification – for a total streamlining of this complex process. AAAASF manuals, logs, and templates will be generated, custom-tailored to the unique specifications of your surgery center.

Simply input the details of your facility, and your AAAASF manual is digitally produced – but that’s only the beginning. You can instantly access vital data, including AAAASF manuals, along with logs and templates tailored to your facility. A compliance manual offers a detailed overview of OSHA, HIPAA, job responsibilities and an overview of AAAASF compliance.

A QA/QI manual allows you to easily archive vital patient records and data, and an Infection Manual provides the critical processes involved in maintaining the highest standards of sterility. You will have instant access to MSD sheets manual with vital information on withhold policies for front office, surgery suite, and the step-by-step processes involved in maintaining the safety codes for AAAASF certification.

How does AccreditOne make the process of accreditation easier?

Whether you are just entering practice or have decades of experience, you know how tedious and time consuming the process of accreditation can be. To achieve or maintain certification requires hours of compilation of information.

Most practicing physicians dread the process of maintaining accreditation – and for good reason. It is painful, lengthy, and complex. Rather than wasting your valuable time wading through the details, why not have instant access to everything you need, with clear, step-by-step guidance? That’s the simplicity of the AccreditOne system. It was built to resolve a real-world issue by two plastic surgeons with deep insight into these challenges – and who believe a physician’s time is far better spent practicing medicine.

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